Bearsden cafe introduces Sconebox for home baking

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A Bearsden cafe is launching a subscription service so customers can host their own tea parties at home. Sisters Geraldine, Michelle and Jennifer Boyle began running Café Crème in Bearsden five years ago and recently came up with the idea of a monthly baking subscription.

Sconebox was inspired by their customers. Jennifer said: “Sconebox is more than just a monthly baking subscription; it is an experience and encourages people to bring friends and family together for a tea party. Increasingly there seems to be a desire among consumers for more experiences rather than just products.”

“People are happier and more fulfilled when they are creating memories and connecting with others and we wanted to tap into this. Some of our older customers are unable to come to us as much as they previously did due to illness or frailty and we have younger customers keen to replicate the afternoon tea experience we offer at home.”

Every month subscribers will receive a different flavour of scone mix such as raspberry and meringue, chocolate fudge and savoury cheese with a variety of drinks including loose teas, coffee or cocktail sugars.

The kit also includes confectionery and utensils all wrapped in baking parchment.

Geraldine added: “As lovely as the contents of our Sconebox are, the real value for customers is unwrapping it each month and discovering what’s inside then enjoying baking their own scones to serve to others.

“Looking to the future, once we’ve established Sconebox we would love to work with other brands to offer the best tea party options for customers, grow our scone community and eventually look at exporting into new territories.”

For more information visit or email sisters@sconebox.comSconeboxJennifer, Michelle and Geraldine

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