Castle Fine Art Gallery plan grand opening with Stuart McAlpine Miller


Scottish artist Stuart McAlpine Miller, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art will be the artist in residence at Castle Fine Art‘s new Glasgow gallery on Wednesday 29th November from 6-8pm. A bright, open, welcoming space across from the Gallery of Modern Art, is currently featuring a collection of contemporary art pieces, including Marvel character works celebrating Stan Lee’s 95th Birthday and augmented-reality paintings by rising star artist Scarlett Raven.


Spot the small Salvador Dali sculpture, and the over-sized bear wearing a traffic cone by the door.

Most of the new wall space is currently occupied by the pop art of Stuart McAlpine Miller, a former artist in residence at The Savoy Hotel. His work contrasting themes of cartoons and superheroes with stylish models, incorporating bright colours and a wry sense of humour.


Castle Fine Art, located where the old art shop was, is a new showcase for limited edition and original art by both international and Scottish artists.

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