Five Quick Questions: Briony Cullin from the Finnieston Food Crawl

The Finnieston
The Finnieston

The Finnieston Food Crawl lets you dine at three of the area’s best restaurants in one night – The Finnieston, Porter & Rye and The Gannet. You choose the order in which you wish to dine and then get involved. the new food event returns on Wednesday 16th August and Wednesday 30th August.

To find out more, we had Five Quick Questions for organiser Briony Cullin.

1. What is it that makes Finnieston so special?

When I first moved to Glasgow, the only restaurant there was Crabshakk. Now it’s the hottest area in Glasgow (and probably the UK!) with so many delicious restaurants on one strip. I like that each place has it’s own point of difference so there really is something for everyone and every budget.

2. What happens on the food crawl?

It’s a progressive dinner where you have each of your three courses in a different restaurant. I’m from Australia, so I take my visiting friends and family on a bit of a tour of Finnieston restaurants.

It was a natural progression to be able to offer this to more people.

Each restaurant offers a matching cocktail or wine with each course, so it’s a lovely experience for a special occasion or if you’re visiting Glasgow just for a few days and want to try some of the best restaurants in one evening.

3. How would you describe each of the three restaurants?

I love that they’re all so different, so there really is something for everyone at each restaurant. The Finnieston showcases delicious Scottish seafood which pairs perfectly with their amazing gin selection.

Porter & Rye is all about their steaks but they also do a delicious treacle tart dessert. And The Gannet is really a celebration of Scottish cooking – they keep their menu seasonal and I love that they have daily specials depending on what they’ve sourced that day. They also have a lush wine selection.

The Gannet

The Gannet

4. How do people find out more and book their place?

You can read more about the menus available on The Glasgow Food Co website, and then buy tickets. When you book, you’ll be asked the order you wish to dine in, so it’s a customisable experience depending on your meal preferences!

The Finnieston Food Crawl is running monthly from August and if you’re on The Glasgow Food Co mailing list, you’ll be the first to know when tickets go on sale.

5. What are some of your other favourite places in Glasgow?

I live on the southside so that’s one of my favourite areas. It seems like there’s a new place opening every week at the moment – from Cafe Strange Brew moving into their new premises, Something 2 opening at The Glad Cafe and Julie’s Kopitam opening soon, the southside is definitely the place to be.

Porter & Rye

Porter & Rye

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