Five Quick Questions: Leif Vollebekk ahead of his show at The Garage

Leif Vollebekk
Leif Vollebekk

Multi-instrumentalist Leif Vollebekk is touring his new album in the UK this week. He plays the Attic Bar at The Garage on November 24th. Vollebekk wrote the ten-song Twin Solitude while re-calibrating from a creatively taxing period on the road, a time where his own songs just didn’t feel right to him. He began to find beauty in the everyday vignettes that made up his life at home and on the road: finding inspiration in a bike ride, a Moog synthesizer, an untuned guitar, a Nick Drake record. We caught up with him before his visit to Glasgow.

1) You are heading out on a 30 date tour, how much of the city do you actually get to see when you play there?

I see quite a lot of the club I’m in!

2) Do you write while you are on the road?

If I’m lucky. You just need to be in one place for long enough.

3) How does Twin Solitude fit in with your previous two albums?

I don’t think it does actually. I feel like it’s my first record. It’s the first time everything sits right.

4) What instrument do you play best?

I wish I knew. All I see is what I can’t do, which is a lot.

5) What do you miss about Canada when you are away from home?

I miss the seasons. But I love going back home and hearing Canadian accents again, it sounds so open and natural.