Five Quick Questions: Kyle Bann from Slothrust

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After touring North America this summer – including a high profile performance at Lollapalooza – Slothrust will play at The Garage on 22nd October. The band are embarking on a seven-date UK trip, before supporting Manchester Orchestra on their European tour.

Based in LA the band were formed at music college in New York. A third album, Everyone Else, was released earlier this year through Dangerbird Records.

We had Five Quick Questions for bassist Kyle Bann.

1 You’ve spent much of the year touring in America, what has that experience been like?

It’s been a strange, wonderful and exhausting time. We have definitely pushed ourselves past what we would have previously thought were the limits of our endurance. We worked hard, and had a good time along the way.

2 How has your music and performance changed since you first met at music college?

We’ve gotten more comfortable with ourselves as a band. There’s also a big comfort in knowing that you’ve probably already experienced every musical or performance related catastrophe that’s likely to happen in a live setting. Strings break, mics cut out unexpectedly, some dude inappropriately tries to stage dive (we don’t condone this behaviour, lol…), and life goes on.

3 What are some of your favourite tracks to perform live?

My favourite songs to perform live are audience requests. I love it when someone really adamantly wants to hear a particular, relatively obscure song from our first album or something that is not normally in the set list. We frequently try to do it, and I love the moment when we all look at each other like, “everyone remember what’s about to happen here?”

4 Do you spend much time writing new music while you are on the road?

Not really, but I seem to remember that Leah wrote the basis of, “Horseshoe Crab” I think, when we were crashing with our friends while on the road in Philadelphia years ago. We do really like to try out new material live. It’s not unusual for us to only rehearse a brand new song 2 or 3 times before we start playing it in front of an audience.

5 What’s next after you tour the UK and visit Glasgow?

After we finish in the UK we go on to Germany, France, Belgium and Amsterdam, which is very exciting for us! Then we will return home to Los Angeles, and get to work on new treats.