Full line-up for King Tut’s Summer Nights in July

LUCIA play King Tut's
LUCIA play King Tut's

King Tut’s Summer Nights is back for it’s seventh year, bringing together some of the best bands from around Scotland for fifteen dates at the groundbreaking music menu.

Grassroots music at its best, events take place at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut over fifteen nights in July.

You can find full details and tickets here.

Alloway at King Tut's

Alloway at King Tut’s

Here’s the lineup:

Thursday 12th July:
PAQUE, MndGne (Easy + HHXX), Bemz, and Banzel
Venue DJ – P.Adams

Friday 13th July:
RETRO VIDEO CLUB, Moon Stranger, Up The Dancin’, and The Good Arms
Venue DJ – New Wave Testament
Aftershow – Rory Talks

Saturday 14th July:
MARK SHARP & THE BICYCLE THIEVES, The Medicine Priests, The Stoned Immaculate, and Adam Glen
Venue DJ – Lusthaus
Aftershow – Lusthaus

Sunday 15th July:
CRAWFORD MACK, Millie, Brian McCafferty, and Erin Ponsonby
Venue DJ – Venice of the North Studios

Tuesday 17th July:
STEPHANIE CHEAPE, Liam Doyle, Scarlett Randle, and Fraser Murray
Venue DJ – Club Decode

Wednesday 18th July:
THE HUR, Land of Rubber Men, John Edge & The Kings of Nowhere, and Lizzie Reid
Venue DJ – Holy Smokes Records

Thursday 19th July:
NESHIIMA, Ignite The Sky, Archives, and DEFECTOR
Venue DJ – Moshville Times

Friday 20th July:
SHAMBOLICS, The Morning Retakes, The Vanities, and Colour Trap
Venue DJ – Vida
Aftershow – Dan South

Saturday 21st July:
THE PATRYNS, Vagabonds, Bubbatrees, and SABOTEURS
Venue DJ – Hiip Priest
Aftershow – The Nickajack Men

Sunday 22nd July:
THE MULDOONS, Sperry, The Ronains, and Buffleheid
Venue DJ – Scottish Fiction

Tuesday 24th July:
TWENTY FOUR, Sensei, Rubian, and The Pontangz
Venue DJ – Ravechild

Wednesday 25th July:
ALLOWAY, Take Today, Stop The Rain, and Royal Bloom
Venue DJ – Rip It Up

Thursday 26th July:
THE LITTLE KICKS, Zoe Graham, The Vignettes, and First Tiger
Venue DJ – EmuBands

Friday 27th July:
LUCIA, Walt Disco, Velveteen Riot, and Run Into The Night
Venue DJ – The Ninth Wave
Aftershow – Public

Saturday 28th July:
VISTAS, False Friends, Victoria’s Flight, and Future Firsthand
Venue DJ – Lab Records
Aftershow – Tenement TV Closing Party