Malmaison share festive plans, tips and recipe


Malmaison’s boutique hotel, housed in a striking-looking former Greek Orthodox Church on West George Street, has grand plans to celebrate the festive season and the New Year in style. They’ve announced details of an afternoon tea, private party packages and special meals in their brasserie.

“We really know how to through a party here at Malmaison, so you can rely on us for a good time,” says General Manager, Graham Chalmers. “Whether you’re naughty or nice, there’ll be something for everyone at Mal this Festive Season.”

You’ll find details of the festive plans below, but first we have a recipe and some useful Christmas dinner tips for Malmaison Glasgow Head Chef John Burns.

John has 12 years service with Malmaison, starting as a Commis Chef here in Glasgow, before worked in all Scottish Malmaisons, and every position of the kitchen throughout his career. He won the Malmaison Chef the Year award in 2013 and is now Group Support Chef across the collection of city hotels.

Here is his chocolate mousse recipe which is a rich, indulgent alternative to Christmas pudding.

John Burn’s Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients for finished dish (serves one)

1 x portion of chocolate mousse in 400ml glass bowl (just under half way)

20g x crème chantilly (1 x tablespoon roche)

10g x honeycomb

Micro planed orange zest & chocolate

Garnish with micro chocolate mint

Method for finished dish

· remove mousse from fridge 10 x minutes before serving
· add roche of Chantilly crème on top
· add honeycomb pieces
· just before serving micro plane a little clementine orange zest & dark chocolate over the top
· garnish with chocolate mint

Ingredients for chocolate mousse

300g x valhrona 53% chocolate (Tropilia tub)

150g x double cream

60g x pasteurised egg yolk

170g x sugar

200g x pasteurised egg white

1 x orange


· make sure you have your glass bowls ready before you start
· Place chocolate in a bowl and melt over a bain marie
· Boil cream
· Add 1/3 of cream to chocolate and stir until combined.
· Add next 1/3 of cream and stir in again
· Add remaining cream and stir until smooth & glossy
· Now stir through egg yolk
· Place egg white in a mixing bowl and start to whip
· Add ¼ of the sugar
· Whip until soft peaks & add the remaining sugar near the end
· Fold egg whites and chocolate together until fully combined
· Measure out 100g x portions into glass bowls
· Chill in fridge until needed


Chef John Burn’s Top Five Tips for Christmas Dinner

· Start early and plan ahead, avoid the last minute shopping chaos and stress

· Try to balance courses with a few cold platters like rustic breads, smoked salmon classic, ham hough terrine will look impressive that can be done in advance can give you time to get the turkey done

· Christmas cake can be boring, spice it up by rolling it into balls & coat them in chocolate & chopped hazelnuts

· Small electric hot plates or induction plates are relatively cheap these days and will provide you with extra cooking place and keep everything warm while you fight for oven space

· For a healthy boxing day breakfast cut some fresh fruit salad a day before add stock syrup with cinnamon, star anise and cardamom for a taste of exotic christmas, when its winter for us its summer for them. You can always add a little tipple if you want a naughty healthy breakfast.

Glasgow Mal Christmas Turkey


Enjoy a glass of Prosecco, Christmas fruit cake, mince pies, ginger bread biscuit, yule log, sherry truffle, turkey, cranberry and stuffing wrap, Mal slider, scones, pigs in blanket brioche roll, and a choice of speciality tea with the Malmaison Festive Afternoon Tea for £25 per person.


Chez Mal Friday 1st December – Mal is offering a special package price of £35 per person. It includes three courses and a half bottle of wine per person. Available for groups of 8-80 people.

Chez Mal are offering a Christmas Eve (Sunday) lunch. Enjoy a selection of the finest unlimited hors d’oeuvres from the Chef’s Table, followed by a selection of classic warming dishes including roast beef or turkey with all the trimmings, plus a glass of sparkling wine. Finally, finish with an indulgent dessert while you cast your eyes on Mal’s legendary cocktail menus. £24.95pp. (Price includes a glass of Prosecco and party favours)

Boxing Day Lunch: Enjoy a glass of Prosecco and a selection of unlimited hors d’oeuvres from the Chef ’s Table, then dive into classic brunch dishes such as eggs Benedict, the big brunch breakfast or a prime rib Sunday roast, followed by a choice of the most indulgent of desserts. Price of £24.95 per person.

New Year’s Day Brunch: Welcome the new year with a choice of brunch dishes and a glass of Prosecco for £24.95.

Glasgow Mal Afternoon Tea (1)