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The Cali Burger (pic:
The Cali Burger (pic:

Glasgow food blog Emma Eats chronicles some of the best restaurants in the city. Originally from Dublin, Emma loves eating out in restaurants and has assembled some excellent recommendations for brunch, lunch and dinner in Glasgow, as well as exploring what Ayrshire food has to offer.

We asked Emma to pick out some of her favourite people and places.

What do you like best about Glasgow?

The vibe in the city – it’s great. When friends or family come to visit they are all surprised at the great atmosphere.

Best outdoors space?

Kelvingrove Park – there is so much to see and do here.

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Best restaurant right now?

For breakfast/lunch/brunch: Singl-end

Dinner: Bread Meats Bread (if I don’t have long) and La Boca Tapas (if I can sit down and take my time)

Best pub?


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Where do you like to pick up ingredients for cooking?

It kinda depends where I go for brunch on a Saturday.

I will look around for a fruit and veg shop nearby and pop in. I’m generally either in the Southside or the West End for brunch so I have loads of places to choose from.

Where would you meet us for a coffee?

Right now … Union Waffles at Taste Buchanan because they serve Ovenbird Coffee.

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Where do you shop for clothes?

Well I’m no fashionista so it’s just the normal high street shops for me. I much prefer heading to Buchanan Street to shop rather than a shopping centre.

Glasgow needs more?

Starbucks … clearly I’m kidding – I’d love to see more locally owned shops/cafes/restaurants etc.

Glasgow needs less?

Not to get too deep but I’d love to see less homelessness.

Favourite Glasgow building?

Princess Square – it is the one place I bring all my visitors to see. I love the outside of it, it is so pretty.

Your Glasgow music?

I’ve been in Scotland for a little over a year and would you believe I haven’t been to a concert yet … it’s shocking I know. My favourite Scottish ‘artist’ is Calvin Harris – that’s kinda cheating.

Favourite Glasgow neighbourhood?

West End

Your Glasgow hero?

I’m guessing I’m supposed to pick someone from the past who left a great mark on the city, however my Glasgow heroes are all those people who set up, run, work and volunteer in Social Enterprises, the likes of Social Bite and the Wild Olive Tree etc.

When you are with friends in Glasgow, what do you like to do?

I have a lot of friends and family visiting so I normally do some sort of walking food tour of Glasgow. We will walk a bit, then stop off for a coffee/food somewhere and then continue our stroll (and repeat). I’m all about the food…

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Emma Eats

Emma Eats

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