My Best of Glasgow: Musician David Currie


David Currie won a song writing award at the Scottish Music Awards last year. Since then, he’s been busy working on his own music and playing keyboards for The Supernaturals. He also finds time to be a lawyer and a football referee. Have a listen to his track Foxes below and check out his favourite people and places in the city.

What do you like best about Glasgow?

The music scene is great but the general West of Scotland amateur and junior football scene is outstanding. Being in the midst of a couple of hundred folk who have paid their £5 fee to abuse a linesman for an hour and a half at Pollok is a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Provided you aren’t the linesman… which sometimes I am.

The relative closeness to the ferry terminals for Millport and Rothesay makes Glasgow a good location for me too.

Best outdoors space?

The Kelvingrove bandstand is a great space for fairly intimate outdoor gigs. And for very intimate other activities (I’m told). Can’t beat a river view though and the walk along the Clyde from the city centre to the Hydro is nice.

Best restaurant right now?

If you starve yourself all day, Viva Brazil is a good place to sort yourself out. I go back to places with good service, and for that you can’t really beat a lady called Gwen who works at India Quay in Finnieston – she will genuinely try to adopt you if you give her some chat.

Best pub?

I only really go to pubs after football matches, and then its whichever pub sponsors the home team. I’d rather go to a bar in one of the music venues like 13th Note or Stereo. Does that make me sound vegetarian? I’m not.

Where do you like to pick up ingredients for cooking?

I’ve recently tried upgrading to a butcher’s for my meat. I’ve discovered Rodgers on Byres Road and it seems pretty good. Not “discovered” in the Christopher Columbus sense.

Where would you meet us for a coffee?

I don’t like anything about coffee. Except the smell. And the cakes in Costa and Nero. And the feel of the coffee beans. I like some things about coffee.

Where do you shop for clothes?

80% Zara, 20% AllSaints, 10% TK Maxx.

100% not good at maths.

Glasgow needs more?

It really needs a central focal point. I was in Montpellier in the South of France in the summer, which is a much smaller city than Glasgow, but it has an amazing central square with fountains and loads of restaurants and its mainly pedestrianised. The parking is also so much better, with a huge underground car park where you can walk right out into the square. It also needs more sun. And more beaches. Let’s just move to Montpellier.

Glasgow needs less?

People comparing it to the South of France.

Favourite Glasgow building?

Not so much a building, but I love the squinty bridge and how it lights up at night. The Finnieston Crane (or “Cran” if you’re a Limmy fan) is also a belter.

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Your Glasgow music?

When I was going through high school, I used to listen to The Supernaturals albums constantly. They’ve got so many amazing songs and should have been huge. Somehow I’ve ended up playing keys for them now that they’ve reformed, and when we’re in the studio I’m the only guy in the room who hasn’t had top 10 albums and had my songs played on a million adverts, so I try to play it cool like “yeah I think I know that B side…”. I’ve seen Glasvegas live a good few times too and think they’re class.

Favourite Glasgow neighbourhood?

I liked the West End until I moved there and my car and various other cars on the street got keyed or smashed in on at least three occasions. In Hyndland! Is that not meant to be a nice area?

Your Glasgow hero?

My Glasgow hero probably has to be Stevie Woods who used to play for Motherwell, and is now Celtic’s goalkeeper coach. I’ve basically just followed him around to support whatever team he’s at. He’s family by the way so its not as stalkery as it sounds.

When you are with friends in Glasgow, what do you like to do?

I’ve had friends over from France a few times and that’s when I really need to go all out to show Glasgow’s and Scotland’s best side as well as I can. Going to gigs or shows in places like the ABC or the Hydro can be fairly impressive but I usually end up going out of town on ferry trips to some of the islands or to Loch Lomond. Glasgow is perfectly located for the best mix of city living and access to great landscapes and scenery.

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