My Best of Glasgow: The Fables


Glasgow continues to resonate to the sound of its own bands. The Fables are a five-piece rock group formed in February 2013. Creating a stir on the local music scene, they’ve forged their own catchy guitar riffs and driving basslines inspired by a bluesy mix of artists like Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones. Their lyrics, honest and occasionally gritty, cover their life and loves in Glasgow.

The Fables are Mark McSween (vocals), James McSherry (bass), Lloyd McAllister (lead guitar), Alan Burgess (guitar) and Allan Hopkinson (drums). We asked them about their favourite people and places.


What do you like best about Glasgow?

Mark: the madness that can happen anytime you go out anywhere in Glasgow.
James: it’s ma home.
Burgess: the people.
Lloyd: the music scene.
Allan: the diversity.

Best outdoor space?

Mark: I love taking my kids and my dogs up the Bluebell Woods.
James: the Celtic Way.
Burgess: anywhere near water.
Lloyd: Queen’s Park.
Allan: Glasgow Green.

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Best restaurant?

James: Koolba in the Merchant City.
Burgess: Nur on Bridge Street.
Lloyd: Shimla Pinks on Pollokshaws Road.
Allan: La Tasca.

Best pub?

Mark: The Howlin’ Wolf.
James: The Smiddy.
Burgess: The Smiddy Bar.
Lloyd: Linen.
Allan: Lebowski’s.

Where would you meet us for a coffee?

Mark: Hidden Café.
James: I prefer tea.
Burgess: Dandelion Café.
Lloyd: Glad Café.

Glasgow needs more?

Mark: music venues dedicated to new music.
James: compassion.
Burgess: good bands.
Lloyd: Kebab shops.
Allan: YES voters.

Glasgow needs less?

Mark: neds on buses (even though at times their patter can make a bus journey darkly comedic).
James: rain.
Burgess: shite bands.
Lloyd: trouble makers.
Allan: worries.

Favourite Glasgow building?

Mark: Art Gallery.
James: Mitchell Library.
Burgess: Gallery of Modern Art.
Lloyd: Gala Riverboat Casino.
Allan: City Chambers.

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Your Glasgow music?

Mark: Glasvegas, Primal Scream, Fratellis.
James: Wet Wet Wet.
Burgess: Travis.
Lloyd: Fratellis.
Allan: Del Amitri.

Favourite Glasgow neighbourhood?

Mark: Knightswood.
James: Partick.
Burgess: Drumchapel.
Lloyd: Shawlands.
Allan: Partick.

Your Glasgow hero?

Mark: ma da- burst his arse working all his life.
James: Frankie Miller.
Burgess: Peter Howson.
Lloyd: Billy Connolly.
Allan: Nicola Sturgeon.

When you are with friends what do you like to do?

Mark: drink, smoke and be merry.
James: talk about everything and nothing.
Burgess: socialise.
Lloyd: jam.. always.
Allan: chill out and chat.

Check out The Fables on Soundcloud, you can also follow them on Twitter or on Facebook.


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