Peckham’s delicatessens in the West End has ceased trading


Peckham’s delicatessens has ceased trading. The company, which opened in Glasgow in 1982, had a store on Hyndland Road and on Byres Road. They served fresh bread, from The Freedom Bakery, beautiful cakes, coffee, gourmet sandwiches, hot meals, local artisan produce and a selection of wines, craft beers and spirits.

Peckham’s were taken over last year after the business was placed in liquidation. They had previously closed a large store on Glassford Street. An investor had been in contact as recently as last week before a refinancing deal ultimately fell through.

Earlier this evening, a spokesman said: “We made a massive effort to revive the business, which was in liquidation when we took over last summer. We invested a huge amount of money in Peckham’s, introduced new product lines and supported more local producers in an effort to turn it round.

“We had also hoped to attract further investment shortly, which would have allowed us to grow, however the interested party pulled out of the deal last week and we were left with no choice but to close down.”