Review: The Trend release Show Me The Light EP

THE TREND Press photo 1 - 300dpi

It’s been a year and a half since The Trend released their debut EP Something to Shout About, and, ironically enough, there’s been much to crow about since – including their first appearance at the Barrowland’s last December.

New five-track EP Show Me The Light builds on the group’s forward momentum: the tunes are bigger, playing tighter, production slicker. The exponential growth could be attributed as much to an accretion of confidence borne from a hectic touring schedule as the link-up with independent Midlands label Sound-Hub.

Whatever the reason, things are definitely looking up.

If you’re in any way plugged into the Glasgow gig scene, you’ve likely seen Ryan (vocals, rhythm), Jonny (bass), Del (lead guitar) and Josh (drums) ply their trade, whether at Broadcast, Priory, ABC or any other darkened sweatbox plotted on the city’s gum-stained grid.

For the uninitiated, though, the quartet traffic a form of rock’n’roll best described as swaggering indie. There’s plenty of anthemic choruses, Gallagher-esque bawls and lyrical hooks that kick against the mundanity of modern life.

The Trend charge into the fray with eponymous opener Show Me The Light, which is much moodier than its title suggests but a belting track all the same. Lyrically the terrain is similar to Take Me Away from the Something to Shout About EP: the pervasive desire is to get out, get away, leave the lifeless smallholding behind.

Your Time is Over builds slowly, coupling vaguely threatening guitar work with hyper-aggressive lyrics. The tune rails against the taxman ‘living like a king, bleeding dry the working man who takes it on the chin’ before describing an anarchic scene characterised by fighting on the street.

Out of Love is perhaps the EP’s standout, a glorious, jubilant, snarling incitement of a song for which the band have shot a nifty new video.

Speaking of videos, Just Another Friday has its own – and though you mightn’t work out what the hell it’s all about, the song itself is as craftily catchy and melodic as they come.

Show Me The Light ends with Free, The Trend’s own two-fingered salute to capitalism (‘You do the work but they get rich off it, you make a penny but they make a pound’). Ryan’s a capella intro has been beefed up in the studio with distortion effects, but when the other instruments kick in, it’s the same fired-up track recognisable from Trend live sets – right down to the clamorous breakdown in the final minute.

On this evidence, The Trend are going from strength to strength. Immediate preoccupations are fixed on another Barrowland’s slot supporting Kings of Lyon and the Complete Stone Roses on December 30, but one wonders where the lads go next. With a bit of luck, 2018 could be their biggest year yet.