Tennent’s roll out some TLC for your pint at Wellpark Brewery


Let’s start at the beginning. The Molendinar Burn was the site of the settlement that grew to become the first kernel of Glasgow, and where Saint Mungo founded his church in the 6th century. It was later used to power the mills of the growing town. By Drygate Bridge over the burn, near Glasgow Cathedral, Hugh and Robert Tennent founded a brewery in 1740.

There has been a lot of water under the bridge for Glasgow since then. What is now the Wellpark Brewery has grown alongside the city. Tennent’s lager is part of our story, something that is immediately obvious when you arrive in the visitor centre here on Duke Street. The retro branding, rare packaging, nostalgic adverts, pictures of old sporting or music events. Instantly recognisable.


Your tour guide will connect the dots, bring together the strands of the heritage here. More than that, you see the real brewery – exactly where Scotland’s most popular pint is created. You weave through corridors, by vats and huge production apparatus, until you emerge into the room where thousands of bottles and cans whizz by, hypnotically, on conveyor belts.


The visitor centre has an open invitation to call in, and Glaswegians should go there.

Meanwhile, starting next month, Tennent’s customers in the bar trade will be invited to the Tennent’s Training Academy at Wellpark Brewery to take part in a new interactive training programme, aimed at ensuring that drinkers enjoy the best possible pint of Tennent’s Lager.

The programme will cover all aspects of quality including cellar management, glass care, front of house hygiene and beer quality, complete with the Lock-in, an industry first escape room.

Working against the clock, the lock-in will challenge participants to put what they have learned into practise by identifying quality issues that might arise in the bar and cellar to ensure a crisp, refreshing pint of Tennent’s each and every pour.

Glasgowist took the challenge and passed, poring the perfect pint in the process (at our second attempt, we’re used to being on the other side of the bar).


The programme will initially roll out at the Tennent’s Training Academy before touring the rest of the country.

Claire Arnott, Head of UK Customer Marketing at Tennent’s said “Tennent’s Lager is Scotland’s favourite drink., every pint is only ever brewed at Wellpark in Glasgow using the finest of natural ingredients including 100% Scottish Barley and water from Loch Katrine. We are dedicated to the quality of Tennent’s Lager each and every time a pint is enjoyed and therefore have a duty to set the standard and be the educators and pioneers of beer quality in Scotland.

“We know drinkers love a great tasting, refreshing pint of Tennent’s Lager, so we’ve created this innovative training programme to support pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants with the tools needed to ensure a quality pint. Not only will this be welcomed by drinkers but focussing on quality will also minimise wastage and pour more money into customer’s tills. We are delighted to be bringing this programme to our customers and look forward to working with them to ensure that Tennent’s drinkers receive a quality pint each and every pour”.

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