The Glasgowist Mix Tape: Our bands and music

Belle and Sebastian
Belle and Sebastian

Take a walk down Buchanan Street and you will understand that music is important to this city. Or sit on the top deck of a late night bus. Or stand outside a chip shop after closing time. Or go to a family party. We sing. Sometimes badly, sometimes well.

This passion for rousing choruses – bravado, bouts of exhibitionism or introspection – has manifested itself most profoundly in the bands and singers that have created a rich tapestry of music.

The soundtrack of the city.

We wondered what Glasgow sounds like? We put the question out on our Facebook group (join up if you haven’t already, just hit like).

“Which bands from Glasgow would be on your local music mix tape?”

There was a blizzard of responses. The discussion is still ongoing.

We’ve taken our own favourites, suggestions from readers and put together this playlist.

It’s a formidable collection of troubadours, lyricists, rock stars, innovators and show-offs. They all share a connection to Glasgow. Some were born here, some settled here, others were inspired by Glasgow.

Let us know if we have missed anyone out. Email or leave a comment below.

This is our Glasgowist Mix Tape.

Apologies to anyone who can’t access Spotify, it seemed like the easiest way to put this together.

If you are the next best band from Glasgow, the new sound of the city, get in touch with Glasgowist today.


Nick McCarthy (far left) with his former band mates.

[caption id="attachment_207" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Chvrches Chvrches


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