The Kelbourne Saint is now pizza and burger bar Francos


Francis Begbie. The character portrayed by Robert Carlyle in Trainspotting has become a Scottish archetype. Now there is a pub named after him. Kained Holdings opened The Kelbourne Saint here two years ago, in Maryhill (although some estate agents may have a different geographic classification). The bar is now called Francos. That probably should have been Franco’s, but we digress.

The link to Trainspotting: The pint glasss scene, with Begbie recounting a story to his pals, was filmed here in this very building, which was a church hall at one point, a rough-and-ready bar and then The Kelbourne Saint which was given the full gastro pub and cocktail treatment.

Francos will embrace locals and students, dishing out pints, burgers and pizza. The emphasis will be on a pub vibe. We’ve asked for more details, in the meantime you will find them at 182 Queen Margaret Drive.