A guide to animal rescue centres in Glasgow

If you have been thinking that you’d like the company of a dog or a cat, have you considered rehoming an animal from one of Glasgow’s rescue centres? By choosing to rehome a rescue animal you are not only enriching your life but also giving an animal the fresh chance to enjoy the comfort and security they deserve.

Like any pet ownership, this is not something that you should undertake without some serious forethought, neither do rescue centres hand over animals without first assuring that their new home is appropriate for the animal in question. The rescue centre is likely to require the completion of a questionnaire, which can be printed and completed before your visit, and in some cases a pre-homing visit may be required. It is of course essential that you are absolutely sure that the animal you intend to choose is right for you and your family before going ahead.
Research the breed beforehand and be sure to ask plenty of questions about the history of the animal. Some animals may have a history of trauma and although these are perhaps the most deserving, you need to know what you are taking on.

If you’ve not owned a pet before, you will need to prepare your home to ensure that it is a safe environment for your new pet. Set up a safe place where the animal can retreat to while they adjust to their new home. Before the animal leaves the rescue centre, you will need to book a check up at the vet to ensure that vaccinations are up to date. You may want to look into taking out a lifetime pet insurance to ensure that you are covered for any accidents or illnesses. This may seem like an unnecessary additional expense but vet’s bills for medication or surgery can run to thousands of pounds and you don’t want to find yourself in the position of having to choose between the life of your pet and financial hardship. Pet insurance buys peace of mind for you and security for your pet.

Scottish SPCA125 Kinnell Avenue, Cardonald, Glasgow G523RY.

You can call ahead to make an appointment on 03000 999 999
The centre is open six days a week 10-4 and is closed on Tuesday.
In 2017 the centre rehoused over 5000 animals.
Expert staff are available to help you with all your questions and the website has a range of frequently asked questions, such as: ‘Can I adopt an animal if I have children/live in a flat/ live in rented accommodation?’ The answer to all three questions is yes.

The Dogs Trust315 Hamilton Road, Uddingston, Glasgow 0141 7735130

The centre is open six days a week 12-4, 12-7.30 on Tuesday. Closed Wednesday.
The centre has sixty-six glass fronted kennels and rehouses hundreds of dogs each year. A range of downloadable factsheets are available on the website which cover a range of frequently asked questions.