About Us

Image by Graham Campbell used under CC licence.

Old City, New Dreams

Glasgowist is a website about the best people and places in the city of Glasgow. Here, you’ll find fast news on events, reports on new trends and a steady diet of restaurant, venue and bar reviews as we chronicle new things to discover.

Glasgowist will wander aimlessly with intent, straivagin about the city centre and the suburbs in search of good times, scribbling notes and taking pictures, meeting folk along the way.

The website will be a celebration. Visit often, look around and find reasons to be Glasgowist.

You’ll find interviews with the quirky, interesting people who make Glasgow. Some of them will have a story to tell, others will have recommendations on how to make the most of the city.

To each of the 598,830 people (roughly) who live in the largest city in Scotland, we’re writing for you.

We welcome submissions of articles on Glasgow, photo essays or video projects. If you have something to say, get in touch.

Glasgowist is edited by Paul Trainer. Contributors include Jack Dempsey, Teddy Craig, Sophie McNaughton, Emily Donoho, David McPhee, Roddy Merchant, Jonathan Pembroke, Siobhan McCloud, Derek MacIntyre, Claudine Renard, Jimmy O’Hare, Leonard Murray, Clare Stewart and Geraldine Trainer. Photographs by Paul Gallagher.