Best Dishes #18: Mac ‘n’ Cheese Donuts at Drury Bar and Kitchen

They call them Cheeznuts. Which translates as golden fried mac ‘n’ chesse donuts. You can mix and match depending on toppings preference, picking out three for £5. We’d ask for the candied bacon with cheese drizzle and spring onions, or maybe the popular choice with pizza sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni. Then there’s a mystery cheeznut every week.

On our last visit the guest toppings were bacon and haggis. Both are naturally suited to be sprinkled on top of macaroni cheese, or just about everything else.


Dive in and tear the crispy circle in half and you see the tightly packed cheesy pasta. These bar snacks don’t last long, they are snapped up at lunch time, a favoured choice of the initiated who gravitate towards this cult favourite, under-the-radar bar.


Neither elaborate or particularly sophisticated, it’s a sharp fix of creative comfort food. Best served with a pint.

The venue itself is a cavernous basement, across from The Horseshoe Bar and near to Yes Bar. With much talk of developing the city centre lanes, Drury Street has a lot of potential.

At the moment, you’ll find the pool tables, booths and alcoves of this bar busy of an evening, often playing host to niche events, quiz nights or, at the moment, a Star Wars art exhibition.

Elsewhere on the menu, the burgers are substantial and satisfying, while the all day breakfast pizza is another quintessentially Glasgow take on culinary fusion.


We are discovering Glasgowist’s Best Dishes, occasionally, in no particular order, as a showcase of what’s good to eat right here, right now.

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Drury Street Bar & Kitchen
Drury Street
Glasgow G2 5AP

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