Best of Glasgow: George Mewes Cheese on Byres Road

It’s a name that means something. When you see “cheese from George Mewes” on a restaurant menu, it’s a mark of quality. They supply places like One Devonshire Gardens, The Gannet, Crossbasket Castle around Glasgow; The Kitchin, and Scran & Scallie through in Edinburgh. You can also just pop in to their shop and pick up your own selection, along with oatcakes, quinces and other interesting food.

George worked as a chef all over the world before opening on Byres Road. He began to work exclusively with cheese seven years ago and regularly assembles an interesting range from across the British Isles, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Restaurants often send their staff to the shop to get an education on cheese and to pick up some of the enthusiasm for produce.

Right now, Isle of Mull cheddar is a best seller, they’ve divided up the best part of a huge round block just this week. The counter boasts a mix of pasteurised and non pasteurised varieties, all with their individual stories and flavour profiles. Ayrshire Dunlop and Barweys cheddar. English Old Winchester and Smoked Cuddy’s Cave from Northumberland. Killeen made with pasteurised goats milk, from Galway in Ireland.

There are not many independent shops on Byres Road left, but George Mewes is still there, with the best selection of cheese in the city.

Cheese trolley selection at One Devonshire Gardens, photo by Alan Brady

Cheese trolley selection at One Devonshire Gardens, photo by Alan Brady

George Mewes Cheese
106 Byres Road
G12 8TB

T: 0141 334 5900