Brewgooder Organise ‘National Round’ for NHS Staff

Social enterprise and beer brand, Brewgooder, is inviting Scots to help them get packs of beer to NHS workers to say thank you. The company, which already donates all of its profits to clean water projects, has created ‘One On Us’ – a platform for people to donate a cost price four-pack of its beer and send a personal message of support to anyone working for the NHS during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Brewgooder donated the first 50 care-packages free, then invited its customers to sponsor additional packs for £6, which can be claimed directly by further NHS employees at a time suitable to them. The donation covers the cost price of four beers, a unique message of support, and non-contact delivery to the recipient’s address. 


To redeem, NHS staff simply need to enter their work email into the platform and tell Brewgooder where to send the pack and message of support to, when they are ready to receive it.

Alan Mahon, Brewgooder’s founder, said: “As a nation, we have always been extremely thankful for the daily hard work and dedication of our NHS but the pressure they’re under right now is immense. Social good is the heart of who we are, and acts of social good have never been needed more than now.

“Up until now, our brand has been concentrated on funding clean water projects across the globe with any profits from our beer. While this remains our core mission, when we’re needing more support at home, we felt it was only right to do our part. So we’re giving people the chance to show their gratitude for the everyday commitment of these NHS champions and buy them one on us – for when they’re ready.”

To send a Brewgooder care-package to an NHS employee, head to: