Casino etiquette for gambling in Glasgow

Glasgow is a vibrant city, offering entertainment opportunities to every tourist. Here, anyone can find an activity or location that appeals to their taste.

One of the best things about the city of Glasgow is its exciting nightlife opportunities, available primarily at the Ashton Lane, the West End, and the Merchant City area. Incidentally, the Merchant City area is known to house some of the best casinos in the area; namely, Grosvenor Casino. But Grosvenor is not the only casino here – mind you, the vibrant city also houses well-known venues like Alea Casino, Genting Casino, the Cotton Club Casino, etc.

If you are looking for an intriguing nightlife experience, why not visit one of Glasgow’s elite casinos? Before doing so, however, you need to learn how to behave at Glasgow casinos – unless you want to be asked to leave, of course.

Below, CasinoGamesPro have provided some basic etiquette tips, which should be followed at Glasgow casinos.

Never question others’ betting strategy

The fact that you are allowed to sit on the same table with fellow gamblers does not mean that you should talk about their strategy. Remember – casino gambling is not supposed to be teamwork – rather, it is up to individual players to use their own approach and try to beat the house.

We know that you might feel an urge to voice your opinion, especially if it is obvious that the person sitting next to you does not know the basics of the game. And yet, do try and refrain from making any comments – it is considered impolite and even rude.

Even if you hate the way your opponents play, you should try to remain cool and, if need be, find another table. After all, if the person uses the wrong strategy, it is their money that goes to waste and not yours.

Do Not Reach over People on Roulette

As you know, Roulette is among the most social casino games – everyone sits around the Roulette table with eyes fixed on the wheel, waiting to see if their number is the winning one. Often times, however, the number of gamblers exceeds the number of seats, which can cause a lot of commotion between spins, as everyone tries to place their bet before the wheel starts spinning. It is often noisy, and sometimes gamblers lose their patience.

If you want to make your stay on the Roulette table a pleasant one, do not reach over other players. Impatience has never helped people, and it will not help you either. What is more, the dealer will not commence to spin the wheel until everyone on the table has placed their bet, and you can also ask them to wait a few extra seconds if necessary.

Leave a Tip

True, games are based on luck and dealers can not do anything to increase (or decrease) your winning chances – they simply act as intermediaries between you and the house. For this reason, many players think that they should not give tips to dealers.

On the contrary – tipping casino dealers is a must, and it is one of the many unwritten rules at casinos. You see, dealers receive most of their money through tips – about 60 to 80% of a dealer’s income is based on tips. On top of that, dealers have to deal with a lot of unpleasant situations and they do not get to sit down, too.

Always leave a tip to dealers, regardless of whether you walk away from the table as a winner or as a loser.

Stay Sober

Last, but not least, however tasty the free cocktails at the casino might be, you should never drink too much. Even if you are experiencing a winning streak, this is not an excuse to get drunk. Furthermore, drunk gamblers often spoil the play of everyone sitting at the table.

Last, but not least, most casinos tend to ask gamblers to leave if they are drunk. Spare yourself the humiliation and stay sober at the table. Trust us, you will not regret it.