Chris Eats: My favourite Glasgow restaurants

When it comes to food blogging I’m fairly new to the game. I’ve spent the last five months traipsing my way across Glasgow in search of the perfect dish and while some have come close I’m still looking for The One. When The Glasgowist first contacted me to write about my favourite food places in Glasgow I thought compiling a list would be easy. I was wrong.

Scrolling through my Instagram feed was a real eye opener of the vast amount of places I’ve visited in such a short time. But then again when you love what you do it’s no chore and I love eating good food.

Another surprising thing that occurred to me when I was making my notes was that I’d travelled all over Glasgow in search of great food.

So with that in mind I thought I’d take you through Glasgow and it’s great and diverse food scene area by area and tell you where I like to eat in each of them. I’ll even throw in a few curveballs you might not expect and touch on what I think is the greatest revolution in the Glasgow food scene: street food.

Best of the East End

I'm going to start local. I moved to Dennistoun just over a year ago now and when I did I don't think I could have expected the food scene to be anything like what it is. I honestly think I could not leave Duke Street and I'd still have everything I need to make me one happy foodie.

For me the east end has Glasgow's best burger at Dennistoun Bar-B-Que. This no-frills diner just excels at serving up top quality food. If you're looking for a recommendation then the Columbia burger gets my vote every time; this monster of a burger comes topped with double bacon, cheese, pit pork and slaw. Pair it with some seasoned fries and you can't go wrong. It's well worth a visit even if you're not local, I guarantee you won't regret it.

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Now if that wasn't enough, just two doors down we now have Pizza East which is serving up authentic Neapolitan pizzas on Duke Street. I've been along a few times since it opened and the pizzas are as good as if not better than Paesano which is high praise indeed as we all know Paesano is the gold standard in Glasgow pizza.

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For something a little different we also have Tibo Bistro which serves up some of the nicest brunches I've had in Glasgow. If you haven't seen the Stornoway stack, then I suggest you check it out. They also do a mean French toast with bacon and maple syrup and some pretty great coffee.

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And it's always changing, new boys on the block East Coffee recently opened to rave reviews for their coffee and their brunches so I'm looking forward to checking them out as well, I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Best of the West End

I feel like there's more in the east end I could wax lyrical about but we'll move along now to
the west end and some of my favourite places there. First up on Great Western Road is Crossing the Rubicon, formerly The Squid & the Whale for those of you who may be a tad older like myself.

CTR serve up Indian street food with a twist; dishes like the Rubicon Frankie, a curry rolled into an Indian-style burrito, are a favourite of mine and if you go make sure you get the Masala chips, they're to die for! They also have a great selection of beers and we all know beer and curry just work together.

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Sticking with the Asian theme; if you're hungry in the west end then Kimchi Cult just off of Byres Road would definitely be on my list of places to eat. They do some great things with and without kimchi. Check out their bibimbap which looks and tastes tremendous and don' leave without grabbing some fried chicken and bulgogi fries.

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In terms of brunch in the west end, look no further than Partick Duck Club. The duck egg benedict was quite possibly one of the best things I've eaten since I started the Chris Eats blog, maybe even ever. The short rib and tobacco onions just elevated this dish to levels the humble eggs benedict could never have dreamed of! And the duck fat fries, just order them and thank me later.

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Best City Centre Restaurants

When it comes to the city centre I'm yet to find a brunch spot which may surprise you as brunch is a lot of what I do when it comes to cooking and eating food! I have, however, found some pretty great places to get a fix of some good old fashioned dirty food.

One of the places I visited most last year was Doghouse in the Merchant City, they do some delicious food and have a great selection of beers to go with it! For something a little different I'd recommend the beer can chicken which is exactly what it sounds like but also packs more flavour than you'll ever expect. The burgers and meat platters are always worth a shout too, all in it's a pretty strong menu and dog friendly of course.

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That said, when it comes to chicken in the city centre then Buck's Bar are the masters of the fried variety. Throw away any preconceived notions or perceptions that you may have because of the Colonel and dig into some of the best fried chicken you'll find in Glasgow if not beyond. For those who like their spice the Nashville Hot Style chicken is a must.

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Now Bab's may not come under dirty food even if the idea of a kebab might take you there, but these gourmet 'babs are anything but dirty. Try the Che Babs for some mini lamb koftas rolled in delicious artisan bread and you'll only have yourself to blame if you don't try the doner chips.

They'll make you question what you've been eating at 3am every weekend for longer than you'd care to admit!

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Best on the Southside

I don't think I'd ever ventured into the Southside, certainly not on purpose, before I started the blog. So many years wasted missing out on a plethora of great food joints and what must be the brunch capital of Glasgow. I'll get back to brunch in a mo’ but for me one of the best things about the southside is Black Dove.

It's hard to put what they do into a genre but their mix of small and big plates to mix and match makes for a great and noveaux dining experience. Even the bread you order with the food is something special, the homemade sourdough served with bacon butter and sobrasada was exceptional.

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Now let’s get back to the brunches, there can't be a place in Glasgow with more brunch spots than the southside and at the forefront of that in a never ending race to the top are Cafe Strange Brew and Pot Luck. My first trip to the southside was to Pot Luck and I don't think brunch has ever been the same since.

You'll notice the running themes of brunch and chips in my food blogs. Pot Luck was the first place that combined both of these things for me, the Banh-Mi fries were something else and confirmed what I'd always known; chips with brunch is completely acceptable. I'd also recommend the cheddar and jalapeno hash browns as a side and for something a little sweeter the hot cakes are not to be missed.

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It's no secret that Cafe Strange Brew offer some of the best brunch dishes in Glasgow and if you haven't checked them out then they should be on your to do list. The Stornoway stack with bacon crumble and chilli ketchup is a great dish and the baked egg skillets are something everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

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Glasgow’s Best Street Food

Now no food blogger worth their salt in Glasgow could talk about the best places to eat in Glasgow without mentioning the rise of the street food markets! First there was Big Feed, then came Feast End and now we have Dockyard Social all on the scene.

If rumours are to be believed there’s a 4 th one that will be starting soon in the city centre, watch this space. Each of them offers something a little different from the others, whether it’s a different food line up or a different vibe to hang out in; they’re all certainly worth checking out for some great food and good times.

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Best Desserts

Like every great meal I’ll finish this off with a special mention to the dessert/sweet treat places that have gone down a storm in Glasgow. Finnieston locals will be no stranger to the delightful doughnuts served up by the team at Tantrum. The wide selection and regular specials make this a place not to be missed.

Last but certainly not least is the Willy Wonka inspired dreamland of Loop & Scoop who opened the first churro and gelato bar in the UK on Great Western Road last year. Initial support was strong and with no sign of it dropping I can see this place being a Glasgow staple for years to come.

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There’s so many more places I could have written about as the Glasgow food scene is so strong right now. To find out more be sure to follow @chriseatsglasgow on Instagram or check out the site;