Confirmed: Peaky Blinders will take on Glasgow gang in new season

Peaky Blinders has been a slow-burning success, attracting top acting talent and building up a devoted following on both sides of the Atlantic through four series telling the story of the Shelby family and gangs in Birmingham in the 1920s. The television drama has grown in scope, taking in international politics, London intrigue, New York gangsters and industrial unrest.

Now creator Steven Knight has confirmed the Peaky Blinders will take on a Glasgow crime boss in season five, which is currently filming.

Cillian Murphy’s character Thomas Shelby, who has risen to power by eliminating his enemies, will face new challenges from Glasgow hardmen.

Speaking to TalkSPORT, Steven Knight said: ““We have someone playing a fictionalised version of a real Glasgow character who was around in east Glasgow, Billy Fullerton.

“The man who ran the Billy Boys.

“Truth be told the Glasgow gangs were pretty much the most feared so I thought it was time we went north of the border.

“Its due to be aired in late spring.

“It’ll be the best yet.”

He added: “The storyline has the Glasgow characters coming south to claim territory.

“So we didn’t shoot in Glasgow but that’s not ruling it out because we are just planning series six and seven.

“So I think it probably will venture north.”

East Kilbride actress Kate Dickie has been added to the cast for the fifth series, but it is unclear if she will play a Glasgow character. Irish actors Brian Gleeson and Emmet J Scanlon have also joined the cast.

Earlier in the year, Knight said: “In the late Twenties and Thirties really the hardest gangs were in Glasgow. There was a very definite structure to the gangs so I have been delving into the history of that.

“They become involved through a bit of invention, some creativity. We are going to start the series in 1929 which was a time of big economic upheaval and the gateway to the Thirties where we all know what happened.

“It’s a rich vein to be mining.”