Curry pizza on the menu at St Enoch Centre

Di Maggio’s in the St Enoch Centre is bringing together two of the Glasgow’s favourite foods with the creation of a curry pizza.

The new dish has been created to celebrate the £1.5 million investment in the Glasgow shopping centre’s food court and will be available in The Atrium over the Easter holidays.

The Fusion pizza replaces the traditional tomato sugo with curry sauce and is then topped with chicken tikka, red onion and mozzarella.

Chris Anderson, operations manager of Di Maggio’s Food Courts, was behind the new tasty combination. He said: “I wanted to create a dish to celebrate the many different aspects of Glasgow from its reputation as the Curry Capital of the UK to its love of pizza.

“Di Maggio’s has been in the St Enoch Centre for over 25 years and we have seen eating habits and tastes changing over the years and we are confident that this fusion of east and west will be a great success.”

The Fusion pizza is priced at £5 for a full pizza and £2.85 for half a pizza and will be exclusively available from Di Maggio’s at The Atrium food court in St Enoch Centre from Saturday 1st April to Monday 17th April 2017.

Di Maggio's launches curry pizza as part of St. Enoch Centre Atrium Food Court launch 2