Five Quick Questions: Picture This prepare for TRNSMT

In October 2015, Ryan Hennessy recorded a sample of the song Take My Hand on his iPhone, which he and childhood friend Jimmy Rainsford later recorded in studio. The video was uploaded to Facebook and went viral. It has amassed over 6 million views across all platforms. The Irish duo’s debut gig sold out in under 30 minutes and was moved to a bigger venue. Picture This’ first album was number one on the Irish album charts.

Having spent last year touring and perfecting their sound, the band are ready for the summer festival season.

Picture This will be the opening act on the main stage at TRNSMT on 29th June.

We had Five Quick Questions

Jimmy and Ryan

Jimmy and Ryan

What was it like when the first song reached such a big audience?

We only released the first song on Facebook on the Sunday night and by the Monday morning after we released the tune online, we couldn’t believe it. It was playing on a station down in Kerry, then the national station in Ireland picked it up and it was mental. We had to turn the notifications off on Instagram and they haven’t been back on since.

We will also never forget the time we played an acoustic version of our tune and we watched the song go to number 1 on the iTunes chart right after. We kept refreshing our phone and it was just climbing and climbing. That’s just what you dream of when you start out.

What’s been your own experience of festivals?

Jimmy: I have seen some serious acts at festivals. I went to the Oxegen festival, which was like the Irish T in the Park, when I was 14 and then since, we’ve only been back to festivals when we play them.

We have shot up so quickly that we are able to play great slots and great times on festival bills so quickly. TRNSMT is our only proper outdoor festival in the UK this year, so we can’t wait.

I love playing festivals. They are the best gigs.

What’s been your experience of the Glasgow crowds?

Glasgow’s reaction has always been amazing for us. Glasgow is always the first to sell out on the tour. We just have some sort of connection with the Glasgow crowd! I think it’s the relationship between Scottish and Irish fans, they’re pretty similar. They’re all crazy.

It’s definitely one of the places we look forward to playing.

What songs do you wish you had written?

Jimmy: You and I by One Direction
Ryan: Chris De Burgh, Lady In Red – I wish I had written that song, it’s amazing.

What was the last song you played on your phone?

Jimmy: The Coronas were the last band I played on my phone, they’re an Irish band and they’re great.

Ryan: Cardi B, Get Up 10

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