Five Quick Questions with OCEVNS

OCEVNS are a five-piece alternative rock band based in Glasgow. Four members hail from the East End of Glasgow, one from Phoenix, Arizona. Influenced by varied range of acts, including 30 Seconds To Mars, Explosions In The Sky, Thrice, and U2, the band are carving out their own place on the local music scene. We spoke to singer Kris Tennant and we had Five Quick Questions.

1. How did the band get together?

Most of us have been best pals for about six years and we’ve played in various bands alongside each other in that time although our drummer, Kyle, is the newest addition having joined in January. He hits things good and his patter’s on point so he’s hit the ground running.

2. How would you describe your sound?

Anthemic, sing along choruses, punchy rhythm and soaring guitars.

3. What are your favourite places to hang out in Glasgow?

Bloc, Sleazys and Box. Special shout out to our locals, The Crown and Redmond’s on Duke Street!

4. What has been the best experience so far for Oceans?

The stand out show, so far, has been our EP launch at Broadcast. The place was packed, the lights were low, the crowd were loud.

Every show is the best experience. What’s better than best pals playing music together?

5. Where can people see you play next?

Our next, and first show of the year, is at The Priory on 18th March. We’ll be joined by our pals The Northern and 21st State.