Gerry Cinnamon releases new track Head in the Clouds

Gerry Cinnamon. Pic Bazza Mills

Gerry Cinnamon has released a new single ahead of the release of his second solo album on Friday. You can listen to Head In The Clouds below.

Speaking about the track, Cinnamon said: “Head In The Clouds kinda documents my nightly battles with insomnia where every few weeks everything goes tits up, as it would for most folk if they didn’t sleep for three days. But there is also a loose narrative of a kinda love story.

“It starts off with a bleak outlook on life ‘more late nights of the same old shite than you care to remember’ but then there’s a shift: ‘but something’s appearing, its blurring your vision, and its cutting a shape like a hot razor blade with a deadly precision’. You don’t really find out what the change is until the end, when you realise the character in the song is just loved up and trying to run away from it: ‘I don’t know if you’re really in love but I have my suspicions’.

Gerry Cinnamon: Tracklist for The Bonny

1. Canter 

2. War Song Soldier 

3. Where We’re Going 

4. Head In The Clouds 

5. Dark Days 

6. The Bonny 

7. Sun Queen 

8. Outsiders 

9. Roll The Credits 

10. Mayhem 

11. Six String Gun 

12. Every Man’s Truth

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