Glasgowist: A Letter to Our Community

Over the past five weeks, Glasgowist posts have reached 4.2 million people across the city and around the world. It’s been brilliant to see so many join together while apart during lockdown and to share stories about local businesses, rally support for new projects supporting the NHS and care workers, announce emerging food delivery options, while sharing images of the city and useful news stories.

Time to Furlough

Since September 2015, Glasgowist has been supported by my commercial business which supplies digital content for agencies, businesses and travel companies. I’ve used that income to cover all costs.

Due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis, that revenue has evaporated. I run some automated adverts on the site through Google but publishers see very little return from this system – the revenue model for local online titles is extremely challenging at the best of times.

I will furlough in May. This will mean there will only be a few updates on the website and social media. I’ve scheduled some posts to appear over the next few weeks and I hope to be in a position to return for the summer and figure out what comes next. In the meantime, there’s over 2500 articles on the website for you to read.

When we do return, Glasgowist will launch a Best of Glasgow newsletter that wil bring together recommendations, reviews, profiles and feature exclusive invitations to reader events. Sign up here.

While we are away, if you need help or want to talk about something you are working on, you can email [email protected]

Glasgow’s 100 Best Restaurants

I published Glasgow’s 100 Best Restaurants for 2020 as a roadmap to the best food and drink places in the city. It still can be. The book sold out its first print run within a month and I reprinted the title. Sales were going strong until bookshops closed. I now have hundreds of books in my flat that I would like to post out to happy homes. If you like Glasgow restaurants, you’ll love this book.

You can order a copy of Glasgow’s 100 Best Restaurants for a special offer price of £10 including postage and it will be delivered to you. You can read more about the book here.

The ambition has always been to build an editorial fund so we can commission new writing on the city. If you have enjoyed the posts here and on the Facebook page over the past few years you can support Glasgowist using the PayPal link below.

You can buy Glasgowist a coffee here.

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Always Remember to Look Up

This website started out with a mission statement that remains our guiding principles.

“When you live in a place long enough it is easy to progressively tune out the background noise on familiar streets.

Glasgowist is a snapshot of what’s around us right now and an invitation to find your new favourite places and people.

A distillation of local knowledge, we will shine a light on the unique, exciting, fun, entertaining or downright odd parts of our city.

Based on notes scribbled on beermats, pointers from readers and emerging trends, we’ll feature stories for locals and hopefully point visitors in the right direction.

Whether you like to hang out in boutique shops, dance in nightclubs, meet bands, eat in outstanding restaurants or have a pint and a laugh we want you to join us as we go gallivanting around the Best of Glasgow.”

Speak to you again soon,

Paul Trainer, Glasgowist, 30th April 2020.