Glasgowist goes to lunch at Hanoi Bike Shop

It hits you right in the face when you walk in. A riot of smells and colours. This was once the original home of the Ubiquitous Chip, but that was a long time ago. Now, Hanoi Bike Shop is well established as Glasgow’s original Vietnamese hotspot. A tinge of West End gentility mixes surprisingly well with the casual asthetic of a Southeast Asian roadside cafe.

Today we were struck by the procession of different dishes being conveyed through the dining room. They’ve a very busy, very creative kitchen.

We visited for Vietnamese fish cakes and pho bo, a favourite dish of beef fillet, brisket and slow cooked ox cheek in a marrow bone broth (£9.95).


There was a moment we were tempted to order the full-on mackerel and bamboo jungle curry with crushed peanuts, purple egg and coriander (£11.95). Sometimes it makes sense to seize the day and order a super-spicy and slightly intimidating dish. Other times, we just crave familiar and reassuring flavours. Our meaty pho was warming and nourishing and life-affirming. We fired in some chillies to waken up the tastebuds.


On 5th September, Hanoi Bike Shop will host their first Saigon Supper Club event. They will delve into folklore, exploring a different traditional Vietnamese myth through an evening of storytelling during a five course feast.

Contact the restaurant for more information.

Hanoi Bike Shop8 Ruthven Lane
G12 9BG

Tel: 0141 334 7165