Help Feed Local NHS and Social Care Staff in Glasgow

Glasgow Green

Local NHS heroes are currently working 24-hours a day in the health services saving lives in Glasgow hospitals during the coronavirus crisis. At the same time, social care workers are taking responsibility for the well-being of elderly residents of local care homes and emergency services are being stretched to the limit. 


Glasgowist has started a fundraiser to pay for deliveries from restaurant takeaways, supermarkets and community kitchens directly to hardworking staff to keep them going as they fight COVID19 for all of us. 

We’re observing strict social distancing but we want to help support those who are at the frontline, now more than ever. 

If you can, donate. We aim for contactless delivery drops in Glasgow, working with health care groups and local food operators, observing all government and local authority advice.

In the event of restaurant delivery being suspended, we will move to other approved methods of getting care packs and meals to health and social care workers or distribute vouchers that can be redeemed at a later date.  

This initiative is inspired by small acts of kindness from local people and successful fundraising campaigns in other cities and countries. 

We’ve seen Coia’s volunteering delivery of fish and chips to the Royal Infirmary, there have been anonymous donations of pizza to tired nurses, Piece sent sandwiches and cakes out to NHS staff, India Quay in Finnieston prepared takeaways for emergency services teams.

Let’s keep this going.

If you are a food operator who can help or if you wish to join the effort, please get in touch.

You can make a donation to the fund here.