Kained Holdings to host event for female employees on International Women’s Day

At the bar in The Finnieston

Leading restaurant and bar group Kained Holdings will celebrate International Women’s Day with a special event for all female employees on Thursday 8th March. The evening in their academy will be for all team members and women in the brands they work closely with. Female team members were guaranteed the night off to take part.

Cocktails will be served at the event, supported by William Grant and Son. Transform Therapies are planning a fun mindfulness session while Vueve Cliquot will be hosting a session talking about the inspiration of women in the evolution of Champagne.

The Pot Still Whisky Girls will be sampling whiskies and talking about why women should enjoy whisky, supported by Diageo and their new whisky Jane Walker. There will also be inspirational speakers by women of the hospitality trade.

Kim Smith, Operations Manager for Kained Holdings said: “Being a female in the hospitality industry has certainly has it’s challenges, especially in my earlier days as a manager. Joining Kained has been the most empowering move that I have made in my career and personal life.

“To be part of a Company that places value on skill set and ability rather than genetic attributes has allowed for me to progress to now being the most senior manager in Kained Holdings. I am extremely proud that as a company we are continually celebrating all of our teams and people; and International Women’s day is a opportunity for us to celebrate all the females in our company and the impact they have had and will have in our continued success.”

Director Graham Suttle said: “I owe a lot, if not most of my career, to strong female influences and Kained is a perfect example of this. I’m super proud and excited to see us celebrating the amazing women of Kained, not just in recognising the strengths they individually bring to the company but also in showcasing our new approach to health and well-being.

“The support from our suppliers and our owns team has been fantastic. The day is shaping up to be one to remember, which will hopefully make it a permanent fixture in our calendar, as well as a catalyst for more of this type of events across the company.”