Listen: Nightwave releases new single Sanctuary

Following the release of euphoric house anthem Limelight in November, Glasgow’s Nightwave returns with her second single Sanctuary; the title track from her forthcoming EP, out on 2nd February. Weaving a beautiful sonic tapestry of hypnotic, off-kilter, percussion-driven techno, Sanctuary solidifies the fresh sound across Nightwave’s new EP, that sees her returning to her early club roots.

“Sanctuary is the soundtrack to a rainforest club that I created in my mind; lush green plants and birds flying about, with psychedelic percussions and floaty vocals. Clubs are a sanctuary for many of us and this is my ideal, dreamy version of it” Nightwave said.

We spoke to Nightwave last year, you can read the interview here.

Click the link to listen to the new single.