Local stories brought to the stage for Pylon at the Mitchell Theatre

A new production, Pylon, will arrive at Glasgow’s Mitchell Theatre on Saturday September 15th. Based on real events which took place in Kilmarnock in the 1990s, the show tells the story of Davie McFarlane through music, visuals and vivid language.

After claims are made by residents of a housing scheme that nearby electricity pylons are contributing to high cancer rates in the area, Davie battles with authorities to find the answers his community deserves. Davie not only finds himself fighting for the truth but also to make sense of an incredible and bizarre turn of events that leave him questioning everything he once believed.

Pylon has returned from being showcased at BEAM2018 at London’s Theatre Royal and is scheduled for a nationwide tour. It is the brainchild of Graeme Cameron, who grew up in Shortlees, and witnessed the events that inspire the play first-hand.

Graeme told Glasgowist: “For the most part, Pylon is about family members, friends. Community dealing with the possible link between the Pylons and high cancer rates, but there’s more to Pylon. An unexpected character takes the audience down the creative rabbit-hole using a mixture of filming, storytelling and cinematography that have so far left our audiences questioning who and what to believe.”

Pylon has been a self-funded project, backed by the local community in Kilmarnock.

You can book tickets for the performance at the Mitchell Theatre here.