My Best of Glasgow: Comedian Gary Faulds

Local comedian Gary Faulds is bringing a new show to his fourth Glasgow Comedy Festival this March. A fast paced, punchline-packed, relatable show sees the tonic wine fueled yum yum destroyer welcoming his audience to the town of Seshlehem, a place where it’s illegal to be a VL, salads are forbidden and gyms are used as torture.

Before Gary’s appearance at the Whyte and Mackay Glasgow International Comedy Festival, we asked him to tell us about his favourite people and places in the city.


What do I like about Glasgow?

The buzz in the city centre on a Saturday night.

Best outdoors space?

Springburn Park

Best restaurant right now?

Kitty O’Shea’s on Waterloo Street does the best ribs ever for a fiver.

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Best Pub?

Springpark Bar.. a proper Glasgow pub.

Where do you like to pick up ingredients for cooking?

SeeWoo Oriental superstore on Saracen Street, because I love making sushi.

Where would you meet us for coffee?

SpringCafe in Springburn Shopping Centre. It does the best chips, cheese and gravy in Glasgow.

Where do you shop for clothes?

Tesco as I like wearing the same stuff.

Glasgow needs more?

Sunbed and nail salons

Glasgow needs less?

Parking Attendants

Favourite Glasgow Building?

Mitchell Library

Your Glasgow Music?

Divide, I also use their song Catalyst as my walk on music.

Favourite Glasgow Neighbourhood?


Your Glasgow Hero?

Rab C Nesbitt

When you are with friends in Glasgow, what do you like to do?

Me and my mate Barry Sloan enjoy man dates like snooker, cinema or discussing how our wives give us a hard time for doing too much around the house.

Gary Faulds is at The Stand comedy club for the Glasgow International comedy festival on 10th of March. You can find tickets here.