My Best of Glasgow: The Dunts

Hotly tipped by the likes of NME, BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and Radio X’s John Kennedy, The Dunts are set to perform at TRNSMT this weekend following a successful run of shows at SXSW, Live At Leeds and Hit The North.


Making their mark with ferocious drums, defiant guitars mixed with bouncing melodies and intelligent acerbic lyricism – their core ‘council-punk’ sensibilities shine through as they bring genuine energy to Glasgow’s music scene.

The Dunts will play the King Tut’s stage at TRNSMT this Saturday.

Ahead of the show, frontman Rab Smith and bassist Div McFarlane tell us about their favourite people and places in the city of Glasgow.

What do you like best about Glasgow?

Rab Smith: The people and the general mindset in and about the city. You get some wankers but for the most part everyone is easy going and friendly and just happy to be there.

Obviously you can’t be happy all the time and no one is but I feel it doesn’t get in the way of people being friendly to one another. 

Best outdoors space?

RS: Pollok Park hahaha. As a Pollok boy there have been many weekends and summers spent drinking there.

I remember one day a few years back Colin and I got a 10 o’clock carry out and went to Pollok Park in the sun with my long time mate from school Tam.

We got wrecked in the sun and pretty sure we got heat stroke. I had to phone my sister to get picked up and taken home because I could barely walk.

Even if you’re not just looking for someone to drink it’s a beautiful big park in the southside, nice and green and there’s cool stuff like highland cows and horses to see. Get involved!

Best restaurant right now?

RS: Miller and Carter Glasgow! Best steakhouse in the city.

Best pub?

RS: The Priory. I’m biased ’cause that’s where I go all the time but wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re more into cocktails and stuff like that then honourable mentions go to places like Glasgow Cocktail Club, Blue Dog, Kelvingrove Cafe.

Where do you like to pick up ingredients for cooking?

RS: I’m from the southside so Tesco Extra Silverburn is my go-to. It’s 24 hours which you can’t really beat in the city centre.

Where would you meet us for a coffee?

RS: I don’t do coffee I’m afraid, I’d go to Costa or Starbucks because I know they’re tried and tested.

Where do you shop for clothes?

RS: Depends how skint I am at the time. I like to go to Mr Bens and Dee’s of Trongate, but shop in places like Primark, Urban Outfitters, Topman and stuff too.

Glasgow needs more?

RS: Glasgow needs a 24h alcohol license in place by the council and 24h bars.

Glasgow needs less?RS: Rain

Favourite Glasgow building?

RS: The old co-op building at 95 Morrison Street in Tradeston.

Your Glasgow music?

RS: Ooooft there’s too many to choose from. I see music in Glasgow pretty much every week and there’s way too many local bands to single one out but I’ll go for our brothers Baby Strange and Rascalton. That’s the type of music I like best, personally.

Favourite Glasgow neighbourhood?

RS: I like Duke Street and Dennistoun, East End kind of. It’s maybe not perceived as socially cool in the way West End and Partick are but it’s a wee bit more Glaswegian. 

Your Glasgow hero?

Div McFarlane: I feel like saying Limmy might be cheating a bit since it’s an obvious answer but his comedy is something that we’ll probably be quoting for years.

His story is one that a lot of people could look to for motivation, he’s spoken about how low his life was at points yet now he’s making money doing something he enjoys doing and living the life he wants to.

When you are with friends in Glasgow, what do you like to do?

DM: Sit in my flat and get tinned up.

Unless I’ve just been paid then we’ll venture out to eat as well.

Buck’s Bar and @Lunch have been two consistent go-to’s for us recently. There’s definitely a lot to do activity-wise but I’m a simple man.