Plans for roof over M8 at Charing Cross to reconnect city centre

When the M8 was built, it cut a swathe through Charing Cross, separating the Mitchell Library from Sauchiehall Street. Now plans are progressing to cover the sunken section of the motorway ro reconnect the area around Woodlands Road with the city centre.

The construction of the M8 in the late 1960s and early 1970s led to a series of areas in the city being bulldozed, including part of the old Anderston district.

A feasibility study is being undertaken into three projects that are designed to connect the city centre and Garnethill to the west end with public spaces and a reconfiguration of road space that prioritise pedestrians and cyclists.

Project one will connect Sauchiehall street and Renfrew Street with St Georges Road and Woodlands Road, currently directly accessed only via a pedestrian flyover bridge.

Project two will “physically bridge the gap over the M8 at Charing Cross” with a cap between Sauchiehall street and Bath Street, linking Newton Street and North Street with a public space.

Project three would see the area immediately outside the Mitchell Library redeveloped and a walkway over the M8 connecting with Charing Cross Station.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “While the idea of a cap over the M8 is only one of the proposals now entering the feasibility study stage, it does reflect our ambitions and priorities in putting people at the centre of the regeneration of the city centre.

“Considering how we can best create a district that is healthy and sustainable, with inviting public spaces and a transport network that is easy to get around for everyone, will help to create a thriving city centre.

“The feasibility study will allow us to make an informed decision on the way forward for these proposals based on the costs and benefits, opportunities and challenges that face us as we look to develop the Charing Cross area.”