Quick Bite: Mozza Pizza on Renfield Street

Excellent Neapolitan pizza doesn’t take long to make. About sixty seconds in a super-hot oven and the base and ingredients are transformed. It hasn’t been that easy to find traditionally in Glasgow, but that’s improving. Leading the charge is Mozza Pizza on Renfield Street. They pop up a lot on Instagram with people showing off the colourful toppings.

Mozza is brought to you by the same team who made Tony Macaroni a popular family-friendly Italian restaurant. The trick here is pizza chefs who are creative and care about the food they are serving. Oh, and beer. A well-fired pizza and a big bottle of craft beer is an ideal combination on a warm spring evening.

On our last visit, we tried Nebra, a strong, amber-coloured, top-fermented beer, and Audace, a spiced, fresh-tasting ale.

For pizza, we like the meaty combo of ventricina salami, ricotta cheese, ‘nduja sauce, mozzarella, black pepper, basil and olive oil. Or perhaps, ricotta cheese and truffle cream, mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, spinach leaves, olive oil.

Here’s our recommendation though. Take the Mozza Dare. The pizza chefs will make you up a surprise pizza. You can chat to your waitress about what tastes you prefer and then you’ll be presented with whatever toppings and ingredients they deem the best combination at that moment. I’m assured the mystery pizzas are always different and ours was certainly delicious.

Mozza39 Renfield Street

T: 0141 221 4508