Something for the Weekend: Bar bites and burgers at Bloc+

Plenty of folk spend their social life bouncing between the subterranean bars of Bath Street. It’s been an enduring feature of the city centre scene. Confusing at times. The names change but the crowd seems to stay the same. Work your way between the matrix of bouncers and stone steps to basement venues. The offering can be generic. One cocktail and shots bar blends into another. Bloc has been successful in putting their own stamp on what they do. They stand out.

Music plays its part. It’s a hangout and venue for performances across different genres. They resist falling into one category or another. A successful formula. The compact bar plays host to a throbbing mass of humanity late into the night. We prefer during the day when things are a bit more laid-back.

Not for everyone proclaims the neon sign on the back wall. Yet the menu at Bloc caters as easily for vegan or vegetarian diners as it does for hungover, slightly sunburnt individuals in need of comfort food and a hug.

I fell into the latter category on my most recent visit.

With an air of authority, I immediately pointed to item two on the main menu, which you can see for yourself here. Lots of options, but I was here on a mission.

The Durty Burger has known restoritive powers. It will make you feel better. That and gentle chat from the staff, a pint of Williams Bros lager and some fries.

The burgers are made in the kitchen from prime Scottish steak mince and the difference is evident. It’s the full meaty taste you’re looking for.

Ours was a grilled 6oz beef patty, topped with melted processed cheddar cheese, the type they use in all the best unhealthy American joints. Then relish, house slaw, sweet pickes, mayo and onion gravy. Oh, and Smiths’ Bacon Fries crisps, which I had forgotten about until I took my first bite. Weird, but it works.


It’s a big, powerful, punch-in-the-face, multi-layered taste sensation. To be carefully deconstructed at a leisurely pace.

Let’s turn to the fries. Covered in Irn Bru pulled pork which is enough to get the tastebuds dancing in itself. Then there were little cubes of Scottish mature cheddar to complete the dish. Happy days.


Some may wince at the thought of such a calorific feast, an Elvis-sized dose of carbs washed down with craft beer.

Just know, when a Saturday comes and you need them, Bloc bar bites are there for you.

117 Bath Street
G2 2SZ

Tel: 0141 574 6066