Still Game’s Jack and Victor are new Tennent’s Lager Lovelies

Tennent’s Lager, has teamed up with Glasgow’s best loved sitcom Still Game to add two more well-known faces to the list of Tennent’s Lager Lovelies – Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade. Scotland’s most famous pensioners have been made up as lovelies and given their very own “two pints pr*ck” pack, as a homage to one of the show’s best known lines.
Limited numbers of the pack are available to pre order now exclusively here making it the perfect gift for punters dreaming of a pint of Tennent’s in The Clansman.

Fans of the show will be able to see Jack and Victor in a whole new light as Lager Lovelies, and if they open the collectors pack and crack a can, they’ll enjoy a taste of Scotland’s favourite lager from a special edition “two pints pr*ck” glass.

Alan McGarrie, Head of UK Brand Marketing at Tennent’s, said: “We’re massive fans of Still Game at Tennent’s so this special edition pack is very close to our hearts. We’ve been watching Jack and Victor’s exploits since the show began 15 years ago, and it’s fair to say they’ve got better with age!

“While we’ve no plans to bring back the Lager Lovelies in their original form, this was an opportunity to see Scotland’s two favourite pensioners in a situation nobody could have imagined – so it was too good to pass up! The packs are sure to sell like hot cakes, so make sure you get in quick.”

Pre ordered packs will be shipped week beginning October 16 2017