Talk of the Town: Five March share lockdown cocktail recipe

As part of our ongoing celebration of local food and drink this weekend, we contacted one of our favourite cocktail bars – Five March in the West End – and asked them to recommend something interesting we could mix up at home. Here is their reply:


“My name is Kilpecks and I am the bartender at Five March. I’ve completed my daily exercise for the day and am ready for a wee evening tipple.

“With weather like this it has to be something with Mezcal or Tequila.

“This drink was on our very first Five March menu and is based on a modern classic called Naked & Famous.

Our interpretation is a little lighter and can be easily recreated at home.


20ml Mezcal (or tequila if you don’t have any Mezcal at hand but it is better with Mezcal)

20ml Aperol – a true warm weather classic

20ml Green Pepper Vermouth *

20ml Lime Juice


Traditionally I would shake this drink but if you don’t have the tools for this then you can stir it over ice until your mixing vessel is ice cold to the touch or why not try blending it up and making a wee spring slushy.

Serve it straight up, over ice, however you like.

*Green Pepper Vermouth is a simple way to shift something you bought for that cocktail party but never got round to using.

Just dice up half a green pepper and add to half bottle of dry vermouth.

Stick it in the fridge for 5 hours and then remove the green pepper.

Tip: You can roast off this green pepper and have it as part of a spring salad.