Talk of the Town: Hyndland Scrub Hub supply local hospitals

Hyndland Secondary School has become the home for a team of volunteered who have mobilised to supply plastic gowns and stitch together scrubs for local hospital workers.

Classrooms and corridors are now a production line as protective clothing and improvised garments are made.


The initiative is part of a national effort being co-ordinated by Med Supply Drive Scotland.

A fundraising page explains: “I am Kay Muir and I am a volunteer with MedSupplyDriveScotland.

“My aim is to raise funds specifically to buy poly/cotton fabric for SCRUBS for our local hospitals. I am working alongside a team of individuals who are machinists and are desperate for fabric. 

“With your donation we can purchase bed linen to transform into PPE protection for our NHS workers

“This fabric will also be donated to other machinist teams throughout Scotland if we get a good response.

“Frontline NHS workers battling the COVID-19 crisis in Scotland need your help.

“We are urgently appealing for personal protective equipment (PPE) in Scotland to be donated directly to local healthcare facilities, to protect frontline NHS staff and their patients.

“Each piece of PPE you donate might save a life.”

The team are accepting donations of cotton or poly-cotton material that is in good condition and pre-washed at 60 degrees celsius before being delivered. Donations can be dropped off at the janitor’s office in Hyndland Secondary School between 10am and 12noon on weekdays.