Talk of the Town: WEST Won’t Work With Wetherspoons

West is best

Petra Wetzel has shaved her head. “On day four of lockdown I got so frustrated. Now I’m emulating some of the favourite men in my life who are all bald, most of them not through choice”. She says she loves her new look and will be sporting it when WEST Brewery reopens at the Templeton Building.

After a rollercoaster few years, the micro-brewery dreamt up by Petra when she moved to Glasgow from Germany as a student, was firmly established as a leading light in the city’s craft beer scene. You’d see St Mungo, their flaship helles-style lager all over town.

With the coronavirus lockdown, 95% of the business disappeared overnight. In line with government guidelines, the brewery made the decision to furlough all but five of their staff who are continuing to supply supermarkets and process online orders.

WEST also made the decision to stop supplying Wetherspoons, in light of the bar chain owner Tim Martin’s widely-condemned treatment of his staff during the crisis.”We’d rather sweep the streets than do business with people like him” the company confirmed on Twitter.