The Gannet delivers meals to vulnerable people in the community

As the response to coronavirus began to ramp up restrictions on gatherings, The Gannet closed their award-winning restaurant. The next move was to attempt to safeguard the jobs of their staff and also mobilise their kitchen to help the wider community.

You can join the fundraising effort here.

They were ahead of the curve in terms of spotting the warning signs that the most vulnerable in the city would need extra support. They formed a partnership with YPF Possilpark and the Drumchapel Food Bank.

Mobilising their suppliers they spoke to Braehead Foods who have donated a refrigerated van for delivering food that is now being prepared for those in need.

Ardunan Farm have gifted produce, Fresh Direct have supplied us dairy, fruit and vegetables, while local indipendent drinks company Rapscallion drinks has given raw soda.


They are working to provide three meal drops a week.

Introducing the initiative, chef and co-owner Peter McKenna said: Its time to do something positive for our community, especially over 70s in isolation, the financially vulnerable and people struggling. Community is extremely important at this unpredictable time.

“We need your help to reach more vulnerable people.”