The Singl-end cafe’s boozy bakes for World Buckfast Day

The Singl-end bakers and staff will be celebrating World Buckfast Day on May 12th with each venue producing their own tribute to the wine based aperitif from Devon.

The Garnethill team will be producing Buckfast brownies, while the new venue, opened last month in the Merchant City on John Street, are serving up a red velvet cake with Buckfast tonic icing.

The Singl-end bakers love to mix-up their recipes and create new bakes based on the tastes they love and although it is the first time Buckfast Tonic Wine has been used to booze-up a creation, it is not the first bake inspired by the staff’s love of an after-work tipple.

Gin and tonic loaf, rum and raisin caramel brownie, boozy Bourbon baclava and tirimasu Loaf have been hits with locals when they appeared last year as specials.

The Merchant City venue have their fingers crossed that this weekend brings more sunshine to enjoy a leisurely slice of Buckfast velvet cake outside in their street cafe which gets sunshine throughout the day and is a perfect spot to sit and watch the world go by. They recently announced they will be staying open as late as 8pm on sunny evenings so that customers can enjoy a relaxing spot on John Street a little bit longer this summer.

The bakes will be available this Saturday until they sell out, available to sit-in or take away.

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