Tom Shields picks 111 Places in Glasgow That You Shouldn’t Miss for new book

Meet the world‘s only two-legged horse. Relax on a bench with its own multicoloured overcoat. Discover a genuine petrified forest. And explore a huge pod filled with priceless treasures.

For a discovery tour away from the mainstream, experience the less explored pockets of Glasgow through the eyes of seasoned Glasgow journalist Tom Shields, whose entertaining columns have just earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Scottish Newspaper Society.

In combination with photographs by Gillian Tait, his wide-ranging selection of 111 unusual places leads readers onto the road less travelled, with local anecdotes and insights.

Find out where you can watch James Bond on his mission to save the Clyde shipyards. Visit the spot where Braveheart had his last taste of freedom. Have fun in the venue where David Bowie caught a falling star. Discover the amateur club that transformed football.

Locations profiled in the book include The Barras, The University Cafe, Springburn Park, Arlington Baths, The Necropolis, Kelvingrove Bandstand and The Horse Shoe Bar.

111 Places in Glasgow That You Shouldn’t Miss is a book to introduce you to a city full of stories with curious places hidden in plain sight.

You can order the book here.