What is Glasgowist?

It’s one of the last sunny days in October. Office workers are telling stories as they walk at a brisk pace across George Square, trading gossip as they stride towards a sandwich or sausage roll.

Buchanan Street is mobbed.

A buskers roars out Paolo Nutini tunes to an audience of one thin guy in a tracksuit, swaying out of time. An army of mums with pushchairs criss-cross between shops. Older folk linger on the periphery.

In amongst the throng, stands a cluster of visitors. It’s easy to spot visitors in Glasgow.

Tourists are the ones looking up, taking in everything around them. It’s the same in most cities. The natives, all heads down, shoegazing as they busily scuttle along the pavement to where they need to be.

When you live in a place long enough it is easy to progressively tune out the background noise on familiar streets.

Glasgowist is a snapshot of what’s around us right now and an invitation to find your new favourite places and people. A distillation of local knowledge, we will shine a light on the unique, exciting, fun, entertaining or downright odd parts of our city.

Based on notes scribbled on beermats, pointers from readers and emerging trends, we’ll feature stories for locals and hopefully point visitors in the right direction.

Whether you like to hang out in boutique shops, dance in nightclubs, meet bands, eat in outstanding restaurants or have a pint and a laugh we want you to join us as we go gallivanting around the Best of Glasgow.

You live here. Get involved. Take to the streets. Be Glasgowist. Don’t forget to look up.