Best Dishes #11: Honey and Ginger Chicken at The Hanoi Bike Shop

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Hanoi Bike Shop is now considered an essential part of a resurgent West End and is part of a trending interest in street food. It’s hard to believe that this was Glasgow’s first Vietnamese restaurant. There are deep local roots here despite the exotic menu as this is a sister restaurant of Stravaigin and the Ubiquitous Chip, two pillars of Glasgow cooking.

Down a lane off Byres Road, when the sun shines the tables outside are among the most in demand anywhere in the city. Inside, the dining room is compact and casual with a fun, buzzy vibe. Take a seat at a bench and prepare yourself for some powerful and enthralling flavours.

There are of course spectacular concoctions with spices, glass noodles, lemongrass and fresh, unusual seafood. We invite you to take your pick from their signature range of Pho – the Vietnamese staple noodle broth served with fresh herbs and chillies – we like the Pho Nam with oyster, shitake and wood-ear mushrooms in a vegetable broth (£8.75).

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A new item on their menu this summer is our current favourite and a dish that ranks among the best in the city. It’s one of the universal truths of cooking that honey, ginger and chicken, when combined with a modicum of flair, is a winning recipe.

In The Hanoi Bike Shop their variation is called Mat Ong Gung Ga, a generous portion of honey and ginger chicken served with beansprout, shallot and herb salad (£8.75). Perfect with a bottle of Saigon lager (£3.50).

Three tasty specials to look for when you are at The Hanoi Bike Shop

Ask the staff to find out if these hot plates are available the next time you saddle up to Ruthven Lane

Cha Ca or turmeric and dill red snapper

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Whole steamed sea bream, stuffed with lemongrass, ginger and lime. Served with coriander, nuoc chay and chilli

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Spicy, tangy, chilli and almond bike shop tofu with spring onion, peanuts and chilli

We are discovering Glasgowist’s Best Dishes, in no particular order, as a showcase of what’s good to eat right here, right now.

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The Hanoi Bike Shop
8 Ruthven Lane
G12 9BG
T: 0141 334 7165

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