Best of Glasgow: A Duke Street Dinner at Dennistoun Bar-B-Que

Dennistoun is attracting attention. For one thing, a lot of people who work in the media have joined the influx of new residents to the renovated flats of the East End, creating an echo-chamber of self-congratulation, centred on the more interesting parts of Duke Street. That’s not to suggest that there is not a groundswell of real, tangible reasons to hang out in this part of town.

It was created as something of a social experiment, with Alexander Dennistoun laying out a framework of tenemental drives and terraces of Victorian villas. Thankfully, it escaped much of the post-war clearances that inflicted bulldozers and high-rise blocks on the Calton and Parkhead.

As an outer marker, on the way towards town, Redmond’s served craft beer and excellent bar bites. Across the street, Bilson Eleven proudly display their Michelin Bib Gourmand plaque by their door and extol creative cooking in their kitchen. Elsewhere, Coia’s remains a bustling local cafe and deli while Tibo attracts a cool crowd. Black Vanilla was Glasgow’s first cereal cafe when they opened in 2016.

It’s more a case of filling in the gaps around the existing Dennistoun mix than a takeover. A slow, steady sea-change. Bookies, booze shops and barbers remain prevalent on Duke Street. There’s also barbeque.

You’d almost describe Dennistoun Bar-B-Que as a diner. The food has American sensibilities but the attitude is pure Glasgow. It’s a strong mix.

Order at the counter and take your food home or find a place in the clutter of small tables for a bit of communal community dining. Gather lots of napkins and dig in.

Their locally-sourced meats are smoked in-house using imported Texas oak. The burgers are handmade. The bread is baked in small batches. Everything else is made from scratch every day, and it shows. You’ll also be able to order alcohol and soft drinks imported from the USA and Mexico.

Probably the most eye-catching and well known item on the menu is the Columbia burger.

Beef, double bacon, cheese, pit pork & slaw for £9.50

Just look at it. Spectacular. The thing is, all the constituent parts are supremely tasty in their own right. So it makes all the sense in the world to pile them up in a bun. If you are going to eat an over-sized burger, make it this one. Served with a massive heap of chips.

Another stand-out dish on the menu is the Nutella barbecue ribs, coated with sugar, spice and all things nice. Distinctive and delicious.


Hipsters helped pulled pork and barbecue sauce become ubiquitous on menus. With mixed results. Without care and attention, the flavours are overpowering or sickly sweet. Here, they get it right, which is why the family owned Dennistoun Bar-B-Q-Que is one of the best local restaurants in the city.

585 Duke Street
G31 1PY
T: 0141 237 7200

Center map

On the Menu: Dennistoun Bar-B-Que


7oz – handmade £7.50

Carnival butter, double cheddar & soft onion – no salad. the staff favourite. £7.90

Kinney mustard-fried doubler with cheddar & pickle £10.60

Columbia double bacon, cheese, pit pork & slaw £9.50

Chicken with bacon, cheese & mayo £6.90

Smoke Stack cheese, onion fries & BBQ sauce £6.90

Granny Boab’s double bacon & caramelised onion £5.90

Jack classic cheeseburger £5.40


family style – smoked in-house – imported post-oak £7.90

Pit Beef Brisket Bun with slaw & pickle £6.90

Hand Pulled Pork Bun with slaw & pickle £6.50 / £10.50

BBQ Ribs £3.50

Pit Beef Brisket (solo side) £3.50

Hand Pulled Pork (solo side) £5.50

Three Hot Wings very hot, bbq or plain £7.50 / £10.50

Nutella Ribs £7.50 / £10.50