Best of Glasgow: A pint at The Sparkle Horse

It’s part of the new wave. The Sparkle Horse sprung into life in late 2012. In a previous life this was the Downhill bar. The slightly kitsch elements of the pub interior are a nod backwards in time, which is part of the charm of the place.

A good local is difficult to engineer. It has to form over the years, building up in overlapping layers that add character.

The Sparkle Horse is a cool wee hangout. They know it, but don’t try to force the point. You’ll be impressed by the food. Standard pub grub like burgers and mac ‘n’ cheese are popular on the menu but there’s also delightful vegetarian salads and casseroles.


The bar is home to a revolving roster of events and provides a venue for all kinds of imaginative invitations. The weekly pub quiz is a lot of fun. You’ll find families gathering on Sundays, or bands taking over a corner to play a set in the evenings or book groups huddled around tables for drinks or community meet-ups that tie in with local festivals.

Order a pint of St Mungo lager or a glass of one of the 14 different wines available. The bar is fit for a long session or a quick pint, solitary contemplation or a gathering of friends.

The tables outside are the ideal setting to take in the last sun of the day over the summer.

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The Sparkle Horse
16 Dowanhill Street
G11 5QS

Wednesday to Saturday
12pm to midnight
Sunday to Tuesday
12pm to 11pm