Scottish Government publish four-stage route out of lockdown

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has outlined how Scotland will start the process of easing coronavirus lockdown restrictions in a four-phase plan.

The Scottish Government website crashed under a surge of traffic as people downloaded the document. The plan is intended to begin on Thursday 28th May. You can access the new information here.

Many of the measures have an outdoor focus in the first phases. There will be a review every three weeks. Workplaces may reopen in phase two and some outdoor spaces for restaurants and pubs can return. Indoor spaces in pubs and restaurants will return in phase three.

The government has indicated that schools will return on 11th August.

You can review key measures for specific sectors below.

In the introduction to the document, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says:

“As I said last week, we can’t live this way forever. We all want to get back to some semblance of normality – whether that’s seeing our friends and family, getting back to work or school, or just being able to spend our free time in the way we want to.

This document sets out the steps that will take us there. It doesn’t have all the answers and it doesn’t set exact timescales. That’s because we are still learning about the virus. We will have to move carefully and gradually to ensure we keep it under control and develop the best ways of doing so.

Too many people have lost their lives to this disease already and we cannot risk another peak –most importantly because that would mean more deaths but also because it would mean another lockdown.

This week we have also seen what the hard work of lockdown has achieved, with a continuing fall in the number of deaths and in the number of people in intensive care.

But we know the lockdown is doing harm of its own. It is causing loneliness and social isolation, deepening inequalities and damaging the economy.

None of us want it to last any longer than it has to. So we are setting out the phases by which we will aim to ease lockdown. They are gradual and incremental and will be matched with careful monitoring of the virus. We may, at times, need to hit the brakes on easing. However, it may also be that we are able to ease restrictions faster than we initially thought that we could.”

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